Hearing Protection

for musicians, hunters, gun enthusiasts, swimmers, pilots, etc.


Why Your Hearing is at Risk

Exposure to Loud Noises

If you are someone who is around high volume noises for a consistent period of time (like musicians, pilots, and gun enthusiasts), you run the risk of damaging your hearing to the point of completely losing hearing capability.


Swimmers run the risk of hearing damage from obstruction in their ears due to the presence of water in the ears. This can create short-term or long-term hearing issues, potentially creating total hearing loss.

High Decibel Sounds

Pilots can experience instant hearing damage due to the high decibel sounds of aircrafts taking off.
We help mitigate this risk with our custom pieces, which absorb ambient sound and protect your hearing.

By utilizing a custom-made ear piece, you can protect your ears and therefore your hearing. Our pieces can absorb ambient sound or block liquid from entering your ears. Come visit us today to learn more!