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If you're shopping for new hearing aids, don't look any further than Hearing Wellness in Newburgh, IN. We'll test and fit you for custom hearing aids, and we'll help you finance your new devices. We also carry ear protection gear for gun enthusiasts, musicians, concertgoers and more.

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Wondering what we carry?

Wondering what we carry?

When you need a new hearing aid, you'll love our versatile selection. We carry hearing aids with different:

  • Power options-we have battery-powered and rechargeable aids
  • Fitting options-you can choose a standard size or a custom-fitted aid
  • Placement options-we have both behind-the-ear hearing aids and aids with in-ear receivers
You can also turn to us for all your hearing aid repairs and maintenance. We take care of cleaning, wax removal, warranty repairs and computer adjustments. Bring in your hearing aids today if you need hearing aid repairs.