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Hearing loss can make you feel like you're missing out on life. Don't let hearing aids stop you from experiencing your life at its fullest. Contact Hearing Wellness in Newburgh, IN for the newest and most innovative technology, WideX hearing aids.

Our patients rave about WideX's improved sound quality and fair pricing. The benefits of choosing WideX hearing aids include:

  • Functional and visually-appealing shape
  • Behind-the-ear or in-ear design options
  • Digital processing for pure, natural sound
  • Rapid and real-time machine learning
  • Wireless technology and discreet charging

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widex newburgh in
widex newburgh in


Before we look at the causes and treatment of hearing loss, it is important to understand the anatomy of the ear and how we hear. There are three parts to the ear: the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. Each of these parts has a crucial role in capturing and processing sounds.

The outer ear gathers sound and sends it to the ear drum. The ear drum vibrates and sends the sound into the middle ear. In the middle ear, the three smallest bones of the body prepare the sound and present it to the cochlea in the inner ear. The inner ear converts the sound to an impulse that is sent through the cochlea nerve to the brain.

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There are three basic types of hearing loss: conductive, sensorineural and mixed hearing loss. The first type, conductive hearing loss, is caused by a blockage in the outer or middle ear. This blockage usually results in sounds being softer and can often be treated medically.

The most common type of hearing loss is sensorineural hearing loss. This type if hearing loss is a result of damage to the inner ear. This damage may be caused by excessive noise damage or medications. The damage to the inner ear reduces the amount of sound that is received and sent to the brain.

The last type of hearing loss is mixed hearing loss, which, as the name implied, is any combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.

Find the right hearing aids for you

When you visit our office for a hearing aid consultation, we will complete a full review of your hearing range, volume preferences and daily activities. We want to make sure that the hearing aids you choose are perfect for your lifestyle and wallet, no matter the type.

We are licensed and certified by an Indianapolis-based board of doctors to serve the Newburgh, IN community. Let us help you better enjoy life's little moments with a hearing aid fitting and WideX consultation today.

widex newburgh in


It is very common for individuals who are beginning to experience hearing loss to not reach out for help. The "coping mechanisms" used to overcome hearing loss typically include behaviors such as lip-reading or piecing together parts of conversations to gather rough context. Additionally, individuals may cup a hand behind their ear(s), sit or stand on a certain side of someone in conversation to hear out of the ear with better hearing, or choose to be seated in quiet parts of restaurants. In the latter stages of hearing loss, individuals will often find the use of these mechanisms to be too strenuous to attempt as they no longer provide help.


Individuals with a prolonged hearing loss who choose not to take action and delay care, can bring about greater impact to their physical, mental and social well-being. New research continuously shows links between the effects of untreated hearing loss and accelerating conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, depression and deprived brain function. Yet these effects can be highly avoidable if a hearing loss is treated early on.


Stream phone calls directly from your Apple Smartphone to your hearing aids for complete convenience


Listen to your favorite music streamed directly from your hearing aids from your Apple device for an outstanding sound experience


With StreamLine TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids. You can even start streaming and adjust the volume by using myControl App

Remote Control

The myControl App lets you change your hearing aid settings remotely and personalize your hearing aids to suit your individual preferences