Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean So You Can Hear Clearly

Hearing Wellness specializes in wax removal in Newburgh, IN

When earwax builds up on hearing aids, it can block out sound and potentially cause damage. To prevent further damage, don't attempt at-home wax removal. Bring your clogged hearing aids to Hearing Wellness in Newburgh, IN for a thorough cleaning.

Founder Tim Haire has been licensed and certified by a board of doctors and continually educates himself to maintain his license. Wax removal might be a dirty job, but Tim is glad to do it if it means helping his clients.

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Offering personalized assistance

Offering personalized assistance

Your hearing aids should fit perfectly and let you hear clearly. When you need to make adjustments, come to Hearing Wellness in Newburgh, IN.

We can...

  • Make repairs under warranty
  • Perform computer adjustments
  • Set up your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids in an app

Stop by today to get your hearing aids repaired or readjusted.